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    • Baldwin TexMoister G2 exceeded all requirements of textile remoistening


      The Portuguese market leading textile dyeing and finishing company Tintojal had a TexMoister G2 from Baldwin Technology installed. Exceptional performance after only two months of production was a fact, and a second TexMoister was ordered.

      Tintojal was looking for a modern, sustainable and high-technological remoistening system for the textile finishing process to replace an old system no longer performing as expected.  A few months after installing a TexMoister G2 from Baldwin, delivering excellent results, Tintojal decided to invest in a second TexMoister system. 

      Highest standards of technology
      As a modern, dynamic and on top company, Tintojal has consistently acquired state of the art technology over the years, and a highly technically skilled production staff. Guided by its high standards of technology and young enterprising spirit, it was clear that the owner of Tintojal, Mr. Laurindo Novais, was looking for an advanced and innovative remoistening system for the finishing process. Key factors were: even distribution, correct amount of water applied and a sustainable system with low maintenance needs.

      Sustainability and top-level quality

      Since Tintojal is as highly committed to production sustainability as to delivering a top-level quality, the importance of a small environmental footprint is a major priority for the company. In regards of this, it was Baldwin’s innovative Precision Application Technology enabling minimum waste of excess water, that became the natural choice for Tintojal.

      Fast return on investment
      In less than three months of production with  the TexMoister G2 installed, Tintojal declared that Baldwin Technology provided a remoistening system exceeding all expectations in productivity, sustainability and required quality results. Evidently, the TexMoister G2 had in this short amount of time proven itself to deliver a fast return on investment. Tintojal’s owner Mr. Laurindo Novais, confirmed his trust in Baldwin as a reliable partner and decided to extend the partnership by a request for a second TexMoister G2 system.

      Ease of operation
      The operators welcomed the ease of operation with user friendly software and easily accessible production data. Additionally, the minimum maintenance required compared to the systems previously used, was very much appreciated, as well as the slim and compact design that made it easily integrated into the existing production line.

      Service excellency
      Tintojal appreciated the simplicity and quick installation of the system and is very satisfied with the support provided by the Baldwin Technology engineering team.

      Fast facts

      Customer: Tintojal is a market leading textile dyeing and finishing company, based in Portugal.
      Challenge: Replacing an old remoistening system with a new and modern technology delivering extending performance in quality and sustainability.
      Solution: Baldwin TexMoister G2, Precision Application Technology.
      Benefits: Excellent performance in even distribution, correct amount of water applied and a sustainable system with low maintenance. Fast return on investment. Ease of operation and service excellency.

      For more information, please contact:
      Eric Norling, Manager, Product/Brand III: eric.norling@baldwintech.com or +46 40 43 97 82

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    • May 09, 2019