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    • Baldwin Technology to launch TexCoat G4 at ITMA 2019

      Revolutionizing textile finishing enhancing sustainability and total process control.

      ST. LOUIS — May 13, 2019 — Baldwin Technology Company Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of TexCoat G4 at the ITMA trade show, in Barcelona, June 20-26, 2019. The TexCoat G4 is the next generation of the revolutionizing Baldwin developed non-contact precision application system for fabric finishing. The system enables a continuously high quality and productive textile finishing process with zero chemistry waste and drastically reduced water and energy consumption. TexCoat G4 will be demonstrated by Baldwin in hall H2, booth A204.

      “We are immensely proud to launch the TexCoat G4 at ITMA 2019. This is an opportunity to experience an innovation that drastically improves both the process and product quality, while saving time, valuable resources and contributes to a sustainable future,” said Eric Norling, Vice President Precision Application Segment, Baldwin Technology.

      The non-contact spray technology brings numerous advantages compared to conventional methods of applying finishing chemistry. The chemistry is uniformly distributed across the textile surface and is applied only where it is required – on one or both sides of the fabric. This is highly beneficial e.g. when applying water repellants on laminated fabrics as it eliminates the problem of chemistry affecting the quality of the adhesion layer. Furthermore, the non-contact technology eliminates chemistry dilution in wet-on-wet processes, allowing full control of maintaining consistent chemistry coverage rates. Additionally, with no bath contamination during the finishing process, there is zero downtime during color or fabric changeovers.

      The TexCoat G4 significantly improves sustainability, leading to increased profitability. 100% of the over sprayed chemistry is recycled and 0% chemistry is wasted during changeovers of chemistry, color or fabric. As only the necessary amount of chemistry is applied to the fabric, a reduced wet pick-up level of 50% can be achieved, further leading to a 50% reduction of water and energy consumption. The low wet pick-up levels together with a single side spray application enables combined processes and can completely eliminate drying steps, e.g. for laminated fabrics and in finishing of upholstery textiles.

      “One of the biggest challenges facing the textile finishing industry is the environmental impact in terms of energy, chemical and water consumption, with continuously increasing environmental legislations and consumer demands to meet. Since the TexCoat G4 reduces both water and energy consumption and has zero chemistry waste in changeovers, a significantly more sustainable finishing process is achieved,” Eric Norling said.

      The TexCoat G4 offers the possibility of unprecedented tracking and control of the finishing process to secure a consistent quality. Changeovers are easily and quickly performed thanks to the recipe management including automated chemistry and coverage selection. Furthermore, the system offers automated speed tracking, fabric width compensation, real-time monitoring possibilities to track system uptime, performance, and chemistry usage, as well as active care alerts.

      The TexCoat G4 can process a wide range of low-viscosity water-based chemicals, such as water-repellants, softeners, anti-microbials and more, in wet-on-wet applications and lamination processes. Additionally, the system is completely sealed encapsulating all aerosols and thereby securing a healthy working environment for the operator.

      For more information, please contact:
      Eric Norling, Vice President Precision Application Segment: eric.norling@baldwintech.com or +46 704 47 90 08
      Simone Morellini, Sales Manager-EMEAR: simone.morellini@baldwintech.com or +39 248 40 40 63

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    • May 13, 2019